Sunday, November 23, 2008

11/23/08 BCS Bowl Projections

A few pretty major shakeups here, due to Oklahoma's blowout of Texas Tech, and more ACC chaos. Also, if a school has won their conference's BCS bowl bid outright at this point, they'll be in bold and italics.

BCS Title: Oklahoma vs. Florida

After the Sooners destroyed the Red Raiders, projecting an upset next week seems a bit crazy. And Florida seems unlikely to lose. I'm still not convinced either of these guys would beat USC, but the Trojans have perception issues.

Rose Bowl: USC vs. Penn State

Penn State has won a share of the Big Ten title and the Big Ten's automatic BCS bid by beating Michigan State to finish 11-1. I'm still projecting USC here, though with Oregon State surviving another week and having the Civil War at home, that's getting tougher.

Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Utah

(no change from last week on the commentary) If Texas or Oklahoma State is available, I think the Fiesta takes them instead of Oklahoma, who has lost two straight Fiesta Bowls. And Utah has a big enough fan base that the Fiesta can make the other bowls owe them a favor by taking the Utes when they don't have to. Texas probably wins; they don't have Oklahoma's big game jinx, and 2008 Utah is not 2004 Utah or 2006 Boise State.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Ohio State

(no change from last week on the commentary) This is probably the first appearance of an SEC title game loser in a BCS bowl, at least in a while. But the SEC teams after 'Bama and Florida just aren't attractive options this year, even if they'll end up BCS eligible (which they shouldn't). And with the choices of Ohio State, Boise State, and the Big East champion -- which probably won't be West Virginia, with Cinci's win -- expect the Sugar to snap up the Buckeyes without thinking twice.

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Cincinnati

Cinci all but wrapped up the Big East by beating Pitt. Further ACC chaos has Georgia Tech on top this week.

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