Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/30/08 If the season ended today...

Okay, this is the real 'if the season ended today' snapshot post.

Since this week's games produced a bunch of shakeups in the standings, here's how they look now...

BCS Title: #1 Alabama vs. #2 Oklahoma

No analysis needed here; that's just who #1 and #2 are in the current polls.

Rose Bowl: #5 USC vs. #8 Penn State

Penn State locked up their Rose Bowl spot two weeks ago. Although Oregon State still owns the tiebreaker over USC if they lose to UCLA, that seems... unlikely at best. It's almost purely conference reputation that makes this game the Rose Bowl instead of the BCS title game.

Fiesta Bowl: #3 Texas vs. #6 Utah

Texas is almost a given here as they secure a BCS autobid at #3 in the BCS rankings. Ohio State (or a number of other teams) could face them instead (and the Fiesta could even pass on Texas), but this seems by far the most likely scenario. The Fiesta might pass on Oklahoma (having had them a few years in a row), but not Texas.

Sugar Bowl: #4 Florida vs. #10 Ohio State

BCS rules give the Sugar dibs on Florida, and they select Ohio State to play them due to their fans, and because they're actually better than the other options (Boise, TCU, Ball State, or Big East champ Cinci).

Orange Bowl: #17 Boston College vs. #14 Cincinnati

Cinci has won the Big East. Georgia Tech is the top-ranked ACC team, but BC plays #25 Virginia Tech for the ACC title. No other options here; this is what's left.

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