Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today's Big East Games

Syracuse at Rutgers - for the first half of this season, this game looked winnable for the Orange, though only in the sick and twisted way that a contest between equally incompetent combatants must have a victor. Since then, the Scarlet Knights seem to have remembered they're supposed to be sort of okay, knocking off UConn and Pitt, and staying close to WVU and Cinci. Meanwhile, GRob's Orange have continued to stagger along hopelessly, excepting last week's upset of Louisville. Which made no sense. So figure Rutgers' recievers abuse what we laughingly call a secondary, and Brinkley puts up 100+ yards in a failed cause. Rutgers 34, Syracuse 17.

Louisville at Pitt - it looked like the Cards might have been on a bit of a roll, before GRob continued his bizarre mastery over Krags. Pitt got ambushed by Rutgers, then beat ND in 4OT. My guess is that Pitt's better, and they're at home. So Pitt 27, Louisville 17.

Cinci at #25 WVU - If the Big East were treated like other BCS conferences by the polls, this would be a match up of #20-ish Cinci vs #15-ish WVU, and so a somewhat higher profile game nationally. But it's not. The Bearcats are playing very well, but if the 'eers have found their stride -- and it looks like they have -- then there aren't many teams that can beat them, especially in Morgantown. WVU 31, Cinci 24.

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