Sunday, November 23, 2008

11/23/08 If the season ended today...

Mostly the same shakeups happen here (where projections are strictly based on the current BCS standings when final results are unavailable, except that I assume Oregon State wins the Pac 10) as in the forecast. But here goes...

BCS Title: #1 Alabama vs. #2 Texas

No analysis needed here; that's just who #1 and #2 are in the current polls.

Rose Bowl: #17 Oregon State vs. #8 Penn State

As with the once-likely Ohio State-USC matchup, there's a possibility the Rose would try to arragne a swap rather stage a rematch of what was a one-sided game in the regular season. PSU has locked up their Rose Bowl slot, though.

Fiesta Bowl: #3 Oklahoma vs. #5 USC

Although the Fiesta might be a bit bored with Oklahoma, they don't really have much choice; the Sooners are guaranteed a BCS bid at #3, and the Fiesta will exercise their right to prevent anyone else from taking them. Likewise, USC is something of a no-brainer.

Sugar Bowl: #4 Florida vs. #6 Utah

(no change form last week)
The Sugar doesn't think twice about selecting Florida to replace Alabama, but has two unattractive options in Utah and the Big East champion. The Utes have been better at bringing fans, so Nawlins gets invaded by Mormons.

Orange Bowl: #20 Florida State vs. #16 Cincinnati

No one seems to want to win the ACC, while the Bearcats seem to want the Big East. Assuming my Orange don't pull off a second straight upset -- this one much bigger -- Cinci will win the Big East.

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